Since January 2017

Short Story  was borne from a love of twilight markets and began as a creative venture for the founders William and Carolyn.

Through persistence and hardship, the duo found success in their handmade origami frames and has since expanded their passion for storytelling and design into other gift ranges.

Whilst the brand has been growing steadily and is now available through multiple retail and online stores across Australia, William and Carolyn felt it was time to ramp things up and approach their own online presence from a new angle.

To enable Short Story to grow their brand through the expansion of their eCommerce platform, I did the following:

  • Analysed customer data and developed buying personas
  • Created a strong value proposition as foundation
  • Developed a tailored website traffic and digital marketing strategy
  • Worked with a digital agency to develop and execute a solid SEO strategy
  • Designed a newsletter strategy to drive traffic and sales through eDMs and improve email deliverability
  • Performed a UX analysis across the website