about me.

eCommerce is my passion, efficiency my strength

As an eCommerce enthusiast and the founder of The efficiency hub, I love solving problems and finding ways to run businesses more efficiently.

Whether it’s your brand positioning, website design or customer service approach – if there’s anything that could do with a little refining, I’m on it.

My biggest asset is to be able to see the big picture. Once I understand your business, I am very quick to put all the pieces together.
I identify areas we’ll need to work on in order to achieve your goals and help you perform your best. This includes internal processes and logistics, because there is nothing worse than having a rocking marketing strategy and no process in place to fulfil a sudden increase of orders!

Where it all started

After growing up in the South of Germany, I decided to move to Sydney in 2007. I studied Business Management and went off to start my first job at award-winning marketplace hardtofind.com.au.
As I gained more experience over the years, I helped over 900 small artisan businesses to grow and scale their online sales and turn their passion into profit.

How can I help you?

Running a business or starting out from scratch is exciting and scary, and sometimes a little daunting! We have access to so much information that it often just simply feels too overwhelming.
It’s my job to stay on top of trends and updates, so you can spend your time on what you’re best at.
Following my proven method, Better Traffic More Sales, I always start with your brand message and positioning. Then I figure out which tools and strategies can be applied to your business and help you implement them. This ensures you’re on the right track to achieve your goals in a very non-overwhelming, yet successful, way.

My goal is to help you help yourself.

I am incredibly passionate about finding ways to run your business more effectively. After all, your business needs to perform as a whole. There’s no point in focusing on one area and ignoring another.
My unique experience has given me the foundation to understand exactly that. My priority is to help you grow and find the most efficient and cost-effective ways to get you to where you want to be.
I’ll spend as much or as little time with you as you need: A two-month project, a weekly session or a text message whenever something pops up – I’m always happy to help!


“Nathalie was instrumental in helping to scale hardtofind to becoming Australia’s leading, award-winning curated marketplace.”

Erica Stewart – hardtofind

“Nathalie is an intelligent and driven individual with a great strategic e-commerce mind. She is able to turn a complex issue into easy to understand modules for developers to code, ensuring management reporting requirements are met.”

Julie-Anne Ellem – Catalyst+

“Nathalie is super talented, really insightful, down to earth and genuinely interested in helping you with all of your needs, whether it’s talking business strategy, marketing or web development.”

Aprille Lim – Seaquatix